Canal Boat Holidays UK

Hoseasons are the leaders in canal boat holidays in the UK. If you are looking for a good deal on a canal boat holiday you will not find a better deal or a larger choice anywhere else.

There are many areas through out the UK you can choose from, all of them offer a great holiday for you and your friends or family. With Hoseasons you have a choice of nine. Click here to see availability and pricing.

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What's It Like?

Nothing compares to the unique experience of boating through the UK's countryside, towns and villages. There are no important decisions to be made, no rushing, no places you need to get to by a certain time. When you are gently floating along at 4 mph (as most canals have that speed limit) through rural countryside and historic towns and all the stress of work will be a distant memory. If you want the ultimate relaxing holiday then a canal boat holiday through the UK's inland waterways is the perfect choice.

The Boats

When you book your holiday you will have a choice (depending on the area) on the type of boat (narrow boat or cruiser) you wish to hire. Their size will vary from 2 bed narrow boats or 3 bed cruisers all the way up to 10 bed cruisers or 12 bed narrow boats.

Narrow Boats


Your typical narrow boat (also called longboat or barge) is 6 feet 10 inches wide (about 2m) and 70 feet long was initially designed for an industrial purpose. Now they are kitted out with all the comforts and mod cons of home. Containing room for beds, cooking facilities and dining space - if you are not eating at one of the many canal side pubs - TVs, DVD players, Microwave. You can also get a 240 volt power supply if you wish.



Cruisers are also common on some of the UK waterways. They are available for hair on the Norfolk Broads, River Thames, Cambridgeshire waterways and the Caledonian Canal as these waterways are not as narrow as your typical canal and can accommodate wider boats. They have all the comforts of narrow boats (see above) and often a more spacious interior.