Boating Holidays UK

Here we can offer you the largest choice of boating holidays and short breaks in the UK. Whether you want to relax on the deck of a narrow boat, looking at the ever changing landscape as you float through the canals and rivers of Wales, England and Scotland, or cruise the beautiful Norfolk broads we will have the perfect choice for you.

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Is It For You?

Thousands of holidaymaker's from the very experienced to complete boating beginners enjoy their holidays boating the UK's waterways every year. It's a great way to spend a week or three in the summer months and is perfect for a family or a group of friends just wanting to slow down to a much more relaxing pace while visiting some of the most picturesque towns and villages and beautiful scenery in the country.

Things You Can Do

Boating Holidays in the UK are not just about boats, canals and locks. There lots of different things you can do while traversing the UK's waterways, here are just a few of the more common activities:

  • Cycling - many of the canal towpaths are perfect for cycling and bikes can easily be stored on your boat.
  • Eating and drinking out - there a lots of gastropubs and restaurants that are easily accessible by boat from friendly locals to familiar pub chains.
  • Wildlife spotting - the UK's waterways boat some of the birds and wildlife.
  • Fishing - canals are usually full of fish, all you need is you equipment and a licence and your good to go.
  • Walking - whether it walking through historic towns of deep into the countryside.
  • History and heritage - boating holidays take you into some of the UK's most historic cities, towns and villages
  • Clubbing - If the fancy takes you the Uk's canals run through the middle of some of Englands most vibrant cities.